We Are



Diamonds, Rubies, Pearls, Emeralds and Sapphires! Gemstones come in many different sizes, colors and shapes. Just like nature’s precious gems, our girls are multi-ethnic, beautiful and unique. Gemstones commonly have facets cut into them in order to improve their appearance by allowing them to reflect the light. A facet is a flat surface that is cut into a gemstone and then polished to increase the gem’s brilliance and beauty.  Because we understand every girl has gemstone potential we are here to help shape and polish their facets; helping them to uncover their potential.


OurGEMS organization is the premier source for girls to reach their fullest potential by building self-esteem, promoting the value of education and instilling leadership skills by exposing them to diverse experiences and perspectives.



Our mission is for girls to become successful and influential leaders through a group mentor (team) approach. We realize our mission by: