Our Story

In The


 Harriette Bryant started her mission to help shape and polish girls to become role models in their local communities.  Without an inkling that their paths would cross one day, Vicki Collins started mentoring elementary aged girls through the Bremerton School District Lunch Buddy program in 1999.

Fast Forward

to 2008

Harriette was approached by several community partners to go into the schools to become a mentor for young ladies. The first year had a very impressive and rewarding start with a group of 8th grade girls.  As the year went on, she received requests to continue the successful program and include other mentors. However, Harriette found herself going back into the schools solo without any other mentors.  

She thought about other women in the community who were making a difference.  Vicki Collins (Former School Board President and Community Activist) and Anjelia Neuson (Fashion Designer) came to mind.   With a quick email and a couple of phone calls a new team was established.   

The following school year came with a surprise. The new girls were the same girls from the year before. The girls expressed how much they enjoyed the mentoring group and asked the counselor if they could return for another year. With each new school year more girls are welcomed into the mentoring program.